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Sign up with a friend and cost is $250 each!!
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$350 per person OR
Sign up with a friend and cost is $300 each!!
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30-Day Spring Detox 2014

Are you ready to remove inflammation and excess weight?
Have more energy? Remove toxins?
Conquer cravings?
Would you like to learn how to relax and be more mindful?

Then, please join us!!
Sundays, April 27, May 4, 18, 2-4 pm
Dr. Karlin, ND, LAc & Dr. Anderson, PHD, RYT

  • Research is teaching us that inflammation is associated with many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, neurological conditions (Alzheimer’s, ADHD, memory loss, “brain fog”, etc.). It is also shown that diet is a major contributor to inflammation along with poor lifestyle habits (stress, insomnia, lack of exercise).
  • This detox is going to focus on reducing inflammation, removing toxins from your body and creating a healthy weight.
  • Come and learn dietary strategies that will inspire you to sustain habits that nourish your body and respect your nutritional AND emotional needs.
  • Experience and learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques to improve emotional well being, such as breathing techniques, meditations, guided visualizations and more!
  • Weekly meal samples and recipes will be provided to help you succeed in implementing the recommended changes.
  • We will be eliminating highly allergenic and toxic foods from your diet in a stepwise fashion, recommending home based techniques to increase toxin removal, increasing chelating (toxin eliminating) foods to your diet, and providing guidance to ensure long term success!
Group Workshops create a powerful transformative experience…
The I in Illness stands for Isolation.
The We in Wellness stands for We.

The potential for healing when We are in a group setting increases exponentially!!
TESTIMONIALS from detox experiences at WELL BEING…
I participated in the “Detox” program so that I could stop my “sugar and coffee” cravings and also jumpstart my sluggish digestive system. My sister and I took this journey together so that we could be supportive for one another. Also, since it is in a group setting, we had a group email so that we could voice concerns, share thoughts and ask questions. You definitely felt “accountable”. It didn’t take long before my “sugar & coffee” cravings subsided — that was amazing!! I feel lighter and have much more energy. We were also introduced to many forms of meditation & relaxation and surprisingly, I believe, my favorite form was “Qi Gong” – very relaxing.   Dr. Karlin and her staff are all so knowledgeable, supportive and most of all caring. P.S.        “It certainly helped me jumpstart my metabolism and gain back life perspective. The support and guidance through the program was key for me.” L.N.
“The course content was very comprehensive! I appreciated the Mind – Body – Spirit emphasis throughout. The weekly meetings, handouts, food samples and demonstrations, and, of course, the facilitators were exceptional.” J.J.
“Started to feel more consciously aware of my relationship to food. Enjoyed the gentleness of the detox; wasn’t too drastic, liked the ability to check in as a group.” C.K.***DISCOUNTS ON
As an added benefit to your participation in the detox, the team at Well Being is offering participants more support during the 30 day program.
  • Eva Stattine L.Ac.: 15% off her signature 90min Acussage, focused specifically on assisting and enhancing the detoxification process.
  •  Hillary Lipstein, LMFT: 50% off a client’s first session for detox participants. A detox is a time to reset our bodies and minds and adding psychotherapy can facilitate deeper growth and change. For a complimentary consultation, call 310-853-0085.
  • Joan Shure: 60 Minute Glow Craniosacral Therapy Facial for 75.00 (40.00 savings)  Customized evanhealy skincare facial combined with restorative energy work and Rose Quartz Facial Massage.
  • Sherly Sulaiman, BA, ICBCH: To deepen your detox and help you with more focus, food cravings or weight loss concerns, enjoy 30% off your Hypnotherapy sessions (normally $150) during our detox programme (and possibly beyond).
  • Jessica Miller, CCH: Series of 3 crystal healing sessions with a focus on mental clarity PLUS take home crystal goodies that will enhance and aid detox, discounted to: $245 (over $100 savings).
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Dr. Dorine Karlin, Dr. Deborah Anderson &
The Well Being Team

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