Bio-Therapeutic Drainage

Bio-therapeutic Drainage eliminates toxic overload at the intra and extra cellular levels. These remedies act as information for the body to simulate physiology and correct itself without relying on long term supplementation. To cure a disease process means that a person can remain symptom free and optimally well without relying on medicine to promote that state. After a course of treatment, the end result is that a patient will only have to follow a minimal maintenance plan to protect underlying vulnerabilities and have continued optimal health.

Drainage follows the natural laws of the body’s physiology. The body has the innate ability to create and drain toxins. This is done at the cellular level. Every cell in the body is similar to a tiny factory. There are numerous reactions being created every second with many waste products that need to be eliminated for the cell to function at optimal levels. When the cells are inundated with waste, operations slow down and toxins build up. When the cells are cleaned out through drainage, wellness is restored.

Drainage differs from detoxification in that detoxification is a part of pathology. The organism has become intoxicated and the use of detoxification is an aggressive technique forcing the body to expel waste at an increased level. The “healing crisis” can be due to the body eliminating toxins at a rate faster than it can excrete them, causing the blood to become toxic and then symptoms occur. These symptoms are an unhealthy part of the healing process. The patient is exposed to more toxins when they are running through the blood than when they are locked in the cells. Therefore, drainage is a much safer way to promote excretion.

To give an example: Every day we create waste that needs to be taken out, like the garbage in your kitchen. If you take it out on a regular basis then your kitchen stays clean. Let’s say that you go on vacation and forget to take the garbage out and when you come home there are bugs all over your kitchen. Treating the pathology would liken this situation to using bug spray. This would definitely work at first. Soon, the bugs will come back though. You will have to use stronger and stronger bug spray until you find that some of these bugs are resistant. This is synonymous to giving antibiotics over and over again for chronic infections. If you take out the garbage, the bugs will go away the first time and not have a chance to become chronic. In other words, if you help to support the physiology of the body on a cellular level then toxins don’t build up and you move through infections and other disease processes quickly.

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