Happy Holidays!! It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate and have fun! The Well Being Team has put together some articles and gifts to help you stay well through the holiday season.

1. Staying Healthy through the Holidays!

2. How to Find Some Comfort and Joy, while managing stress, this Holiday Season.

3. 50% off Organic Facials, Massage and Plant Spirit Medicine for your 1st appointment with our two new practitioners through the month of December.

4. New Yoga and Meditation Schedule for January 2012

5. Gift Certificates available for any amount, can be applied to any practitioner or class at the center.

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Holiday Schedule:
The front office staff will be on vacation from December 24th – January 1st and will return to normal hours on January 2nd. Practitioners may be available through this time period. Please enquire about scheduling before the holiday break.

Dr. Dorine Karlin & the Well Being Team
Staying Healthy through the Holidays!
by Dr. Dorine Karlin, LAc, ND

It’s that time of year where the holidays affect us in numerous ways. Although it is considered a wonderful time of the year, it can be devastating to one’s health. Besides the stress of accomplishing holiday shopping and preparation for all of the parties, etc… we find ourselves eating more – especially sugar, drinking more alcohol, and not wanting to go exercise due to lack of time or poor weather. Well, go ahead and indulge a little, be more relaxed with your diet for this short period of time but make up for it by continuing your exercise routine! You’ll find that the weight that you normally may gain at this time of year will stay off and you’ll have more energy and feel better through the flu season.

Besides weight gain, these next few months are the time when people are most vulnerable to sickness. Increased levels of sugar, or any levels of processed sugar, decrease the ability of your immune cells to function for hours after ingestion. A way to keep healthy and not feel too restricted with your diet through the holidays is to get enough sleep, keep hydrated, take mucoccocinum (homeopathic flu prevention remedy), immune support multi (eg. Defense Factors) and exercise!

Exercise tip:
Incorporating short bursts of high-intensity exercise into your routine will help increase endurance, cardiovascular fitness and fat burning no matter what form of exercise you are using. Research has shown that interval training can double your endurance even if you are already fit. 2-4 minutes of high energy cardiovascular training separated by 1-2 minutes of moderate recovery level aerobics will make a great difference in your well-being through the season and long term!
How to Find Some Comfort and Joy (and Better Manage Your Stress) this Holiday Season

by Dr. Deborah Anderson, PhD, RYT

In theory, the holiday season seems so enticing and fun, doesn’t it? A beautifully decorated living room, perfectly set table with a pristine-looking meal and homemade baking, gorgeously wrapped gifts and a blazing fireplace. Yet, nowhere in the fine print do they mention the hours of slaving over a hot stove, struggles to find the “perfect” gift for that special someone, or waiting in checkout lines. And all of this on top of our usual to-do lists. Not to mention the distress of getting through the season if one’s romantic or family of origin relationships are less than ideal. It can be so overwhelming and filled with a sense of pressure, rather than be a time of joy…

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For your First Appointment with our new practitioners:
50% Off Organic Facials
with Heather Harris, Licensed Aesthetician

Organic Facials provided by Heather look into the roots and reasons behind different skin conditions. The combination of her medical background and passion for healing in the most natural ways possible, allow her to give unique and effective treatments. Heather works with only organic and natural products to encourage healthy and vital skin. She is certified to practice Cryostem Biological Cellular Therapy, a revolutionary technology for skin enhancements and rejuvenation. With highly advanced skin repair treatments, as well as traditional esthetic services, it is Heather’s commitment to making each treatment a unique experience for the mind, body and spirit.
50% Off Massage
50% Off Plant Spirit Medicine
with Courtney Shelburne, PSMH, LMT

Massage by Courtney focuses on the body as a whole with the awareness that sections of the human form are interconnected. The pressure applied is flexible and may range from light, nurturing, gentle and relaxing to deeper, more focused and intense deep tissue. She is successful in relieving headaches, neck and back pain, stress, and chronic tension.

Plant Spirit Medicine is a hands on technique that creates a deep sense of relaxation and helps to create balance within ones core being. This technique would be helpful for any stress related condition and anyone who is seeking optimal wellness.
New Schedule for January 2012

Yoga For Emotional Balancing Series
with Dr. Deborah Anderson, PhD, RYT

Beginning January 2012, we are excited to be offering you a four-week class series in both Deep Relaxation, Meditation Training and Yoga For Emotional Balancing taught by Dr. Deborah Anderson. This format will help you to build the basic skills needed to start a home practice and facilitate long-lasting changes in your brain/body.

Wednesday’s 7:15pm – 8:45pm

– Classes meet on January 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th
– Pre-registration required and class size is limited
– $75 for series of 4 classes

See our website for more detailed class descriptions.
Available for Holiday Gifts!
call or come in to purchase

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