“Your life is not defined by your wound, but by the way you choose to heal it.”

Bill Mitchell, ND

Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.)

NET is a way to treat the physiology of emotions. When a trauma happens there are a few ways that it is integrated into your mind. The neocortex is the logical part of the brain. It looks to understand and comprehend all of the implications of this trauma. This is treated through psychotherapy and counseling with talk therapy. The limbic brain does not deal with understanding the situation. It feels everything. It works to defend the individual by locking in all of the triggers associated with this detrimental situation and creates an alarm reaction when anything resembles it. This is much like a patellar tendon reflex (knee-jerk when hit with a reflex hammer). There is not much ability to control this reaction and after a particular circumstance, or one’s that resemble it is repeated, an accumulation disorder is created. At some point the reaction to something that has happened with frequency becomes exaggerated and you find yourself going from calm to very emotional in a short amount of time.

One way to look at this reaction mode is Pavlovian. Like the dog salivating in response to a bell that has been linked with food, we associate the trauma with whatever was present in the situation. If we get hurt and our parents offer us ice cream to soothe us, we will link food to situations that are stressful. The limbic brain does not know time or space. An event that happened as a child can feel like it just happened yesterday when the corresponding circumstances present themselves.

NET is utilized to treat this kind of reactive behavior, whether it is a lack of trust in relationships due to previous betrayal, stress associated eating disorder, or a dislike of someone for no apparent reason. Using a combination of Chinese pulses, body mapping organs with their associated emotions, applied kinesiology and tapping spinal points, NET can change a traumatic event into part of our history that we feel a sense of neutrality towards. It is like a heat seeking missile that finds the cause of the trauma and cures it.

For more information about NET visit: netmindbody.com

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