Listening = Self Care

Are You Listening?

Most importantly, are you listening to YOU?

There’s so much going on in there, in your heart, in your life.

The most important relationship we have in our lives is the one we have with ourselves. As adults we are the sole guardians of these body-vessels; these walking manifestations of infinite consciousness which we are so very fortunate to occupy for a short while.

It is my belief that most disease and discomfort in our bodies has a root in our inability to hear ourselves on some level; our inner cries for help, our need for rest, our unhappiness with a job or partner, our need for a broader spectrum of emotional expression than we think we’re allowed. We’ve lost touch with our inner rhythm. Our actions are out of step with our needs, longings and feelings. We feel tired, and instead of slowing down and getting some rest we pour another cup of coffee (and when I say “we” I mean “I”, it’s just safer to put it on “us”). We feel lonely and, instead of reaching out to a friend, we turn on the TV. We feel tense and stessed and, instead of choosing to take a bath or go on a walk or head to the beach or turn on our favorite music, we pour another cocktail and eat all the things. We feel hurt and, instead of saying so, we hurt back. We do these things enough and we start becoming mean, chubby zombies, all jacked up on caffeine; or ticking time bombs all geared up for an emotional explosion or worse, a heart attack.

Caring for ourselves enough that we actually slow down, tune in and really hear ourselves out is a first and essential step in Self-Care; it is an act of literally caring for our health. Just like we can feel relief through speaking what’s on our minds to a good listener, we can feel that same relief through thoroughly coming clean with ourselves, getting current with ourselves, being fully, unabashedly honest with ourselves.
How do we do this? Start by taking a few minutes a day (try 20) that are completely distraction free; no cell phone, no TV, no computer, no distractions except for, perhaps, paper and a pen (writing is such a great way to let the inside out). Any good conversation requires limited distractions. This is your conversation with YOU, for YOU. The more we’re in touch with the inner workings and murmurings of our hearts and minds, the more we have the ability to respond with awareness, intelligence and humanity to the circumstances of our lives rather than just reacting.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

Stay tuned to the Well Being Medical Center blog as we will be continuing and deepening into the subject of Self-Care. There will be more exercises, contemplations, inspirations and tools discussed each week.

See you next week!
Eva Stattine L.Ac.

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