30-day SPRING
Consecutive Sundays 1-2pm
April 22nd, April 29th, May 2nd
Exception: Saturday May 12th
(time to be determined) to allow
for celebration of Mother’s Day!!

Before the detox begins, you will schedule a 20 minute consultation with Dr. Karlin to determine your nutritional needs and if supplements are needed during the detox (Note: supplements are not included in program price).

Group hour-long weekly meetings with Dr. Karlin, ND, LAc and Dr. Anderson, PhD, RYT, which will involve:
A detailed outline of that week’s detoxification diet (which will change each week). Initially you will eliminate foods such as sugar and alcohol, moving towards a 1-3 day juice/protein smoothie fast and then re-integration of foods. We will be able to determine individual variations to make the diet successful for all participants.

Experiential exercises to help get in touch with the body’s needs: differentiating hunger from thirst, fatigue, emotional needs, etc. Exercises will include individual demonstrations and group exercises, including meditation and yoga.

Food tastings that are healthy, nutritious and delicious! Also, suggestions on recipes to make living a cleaner lifestyle post detox easier.

Q&A at the end of every session to make sure there is clarity on instructions and the program for the week.

This detox will provide a removal of toxins that have been locked in the cells due to lifestyle factors (e.g. poor diet, exercise, weight gain, etc.) or poor ability of the detoxification systems to work effectively.

The end goal is to create a better knowledge of how your body reacts to certain foods, reduce food cravings, improved relationship with your body and it’s mental/emotional/physical needs, and have more energy and clarity of mind.

$250 for entire package, excluding supplements, if you sign up before April 1st.
$300 if you sign up on or after April 1st.

This is an incredibly reduced price to celebrate the Center’s first group workshop!! You will receive 4 hours with 2 doctors (normally $150 EACH per hour), a 20 min nutritional consultation with Dr. Karlin (normally $75), plus nutritious samples of foods we have created.

As an added benefit to honor our first group workshop, the team at Well Being is offering participants more support during the 30 day program:
30% off massage therapy with Courtney Shelburne PSMH, LMT. Massage helps to move lymphatic circulation to promote detoxification, reduce stress and increase relaxation.

30% off psychotherapy with Hillary Lipstein, LMFT. Emotional attachments to comfort foods may arise and cause distress. Weight loss can also cause discomfort through losing a layer of protective barriers. Talking through this process will ensure long term changes.

30% off acupuncture with Dr. Dorine Karlin, ND, LAc. Acupuncture helps to move circulation through the blood and lymph, increase detoxification through the liver and gallbladder (and other organs individually involved), as well as decrease stress and increase relaxation.

30% off psychotherapy with Dr. Deborah Anderson, PhD, RYT for new fee-for-service patients only.
We are so excited to offer our first group workshop at the center! We look forward to seeing you at the detox and having the group act as a community of support for each other to make this fun and successful!!

See you there and Happy Spring!
Be well,
The Well Being Team

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