Do the holidays cause you to gain weight, feel overwhelmed and exhausted?
Would you like to maintain your health and still feel like you’re celebrating?
How would you like to lose weight, jump-start your metabolism, and feel excited and refreshed through the holidays?
Come join us! You know it’s what you need to do and when you choose what you need to do enough times, it becomes what you want to do!
We are offering a different way for you to breeze through this holiday season. Rejoice, renew and refresh yourself while you celebrate with family and friends.
Eva Stattine, LAc and Dr. Dorine Karlin, ND, LAc will be leading you through a detox workshop that will invigorate your body, mind and spirit.
This Detox will help you eliminate with ease, unhealthy foods like: sugar, wheat, alcohol, soy, cow dairy, corn, caffeine and reduce/eliminate your cravings for them. We will help you integrate cleansing foods/juicing during the detox to rid your body of the toxic build up that is caused by unhealthy diets and lifestyle patterns.


Early Bird Registration Extended to Oct. 24!
when you sign up with a friend to $250 per person!
Rejuvenate Body, Mind & Spirit!!
Dorine Karlin, ND, LAcand Eva Stattine, LAc
Sundays, October 28, November 4, 11 from 2-4pm
Well Being Medical Center
900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 314
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Early bird special extended!!
Cost: $300 by October 24th
Come with a friend/partner and both are discounted to $250!!
$350 after October 24th
Additional supplements are optional: If you would like additional support to increase metabolism, weight loss or detoxification, please call Dr. Karlin to discuss appropriate recommendations.
For more info and to register:
Call Well Being Medical Center,
Meter parking on the street or free underground parking!
PHSYICAL: Weight loss, Improved Energy, Decrease Cardiovascular disease and risk, Normalize Blood Sugar Levels, Resolve Digestive Issues, and more!
EMOTIONAL: Incorporate daily practices that are easy and fun. Prepare your mind/emotions to reduce reactions to common triggers during this holiday season.
SPIRITUAL: Remember what the holidays are really about!! Slow down into a place of serenity and mindfulness to be with loved ones.
Group Workshops are a powerful transformative experience…
The I in Illness stands for Isolation.
The We in Wellness stands for We.
The potential for healing when We are in a group setting increases exponentially!!
TESTIMONIALS from our last detox at WELL BEING… Most of the participants were reluctant about giving up foods, changing daily habits and committing to this detox…. all of them were amazed by the results and delighted to be a part of the group. Join us and see for yourself!
“It certainly helped me jumpstart my metabolism and gain back life perspective. The support and guidance through the program was key for me.” L.N.
“The course content was very comprehensive! I appreciated the Mind – Body – Spirit emphasis throughout. The weekly meetings, handouts, food samples and demonstrations, and, of course, the facilitators were exceptional” J.J.
“The progam was a 10/10! All my goals were met by this program. Love you!” H.E.
“Just being committed to something and knowing you are part of a group inspires you to make choices and cut things out you may have not had the desire to do before.” A.K.
“Started to feel more consciously aware of my relationship to food. Enjoyed the gentleness of the detox; wasn’t too drastic, liked the ability to check in as a group.” C.K.
“The sharing of many of the participants and the sharing of various foods and recipes were wonderful!” G.J.
As an added benefit to your participation in the pre-holiday detox, the team at Well Being is offering participants more support during the 21 day program.

– Acupuncture & Naturopathy with Dr. Dorine Karlin, ND, LAc. Acupuncture helps to move circulation through the blood and lymph, increase detoxification through the liver and gallbladder (and other organs individually involved), as well as decrease stress and increase relaxation. Naturopathic support can help manage any symptoms that occur during the detox through treatment and supplement recommendations.
– Massage therapy with Courtney Shelburne PSMH, LMT. Massage helps to move lymphatic circulation to promote detoxification, reduce stress and increase relaxation.
– Acupuncture and massage with Eva Stattine, LAc. Take the detox to the next level by clearing energetic pathways, allowing the nervous system to unwind and heal. Acussage can help all systems of the body and treatments will be individualized.
– Pyschotherapy with Hillary Lipstein, LMFT. Emotional attachments to comfort foods may arise and cause distress. The Holiday season is a prime time for old wounds to resurface. Talking through this process will ensure long term changes.
– Psychotherapy with Dr. Deborah Anderson, PhD, RYT for new fee-for-service patients only.
– Psychotherapy with Dr. Lana Benedek, MD for new fee-for-service patients only.
– NAET series with Dr. Emily Penney, ND for resolving food allergies and sensitivities. If you feel you may have food sensitivities, this is a great addition to the detox to minimize reactions and remove sensitivities when re-integrating foods occurs at the last week.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
The Well Being Team

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