Massage and Acupuncture for Pain Management in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, LA

Back Pain:
“I suffered with back pain for 3 years. After meeting with Dr. Karlin for 2 sessions and receiving acupuncture treatments, I am pain free. I can only say, ‘thank you’, however the positive impact on my life….words cannot describe”. – Karen S.

Neck Pain, Headaches:
“After surgery at the Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, I contracted a severe rash, which persisted for nearly one year. I was treated by two internists and three dermatologists without effective results. Dr. Karlin diagnosed the problem and the rash was eliminated in two treatments.
I also suffered from severe headaches and neck pain for nearly 11 years. The treatments I received from specialists were ineffective and resulted in severe side effects from the prescribed pain- killers. During Dr. Karlin’s first acupuncture treatment, my headache dissipated within minutes of the needles being inserted. Furthermore, her treatment protocol is treating the root cause and my duration, frequency and intensity of the pain all continue to improve”. – Harry K.

Osteoarthritis / Joint Pain:
“I have been seeing Dr.Karlin for acupuncture to relieve pain in my thumb, which was diagnosed as arthritis by my ‘Western’ doctor. He looked at me and said, ‘Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.’
So, I presented it to Dr. Karlin and she has brought my pain level down from about an 8/10 to almost 0/10. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to come back for any other pain I might experience. Her technique is unique and it feels so great to heal naturally. Thank you Dr. Karlin!” – Hope E.

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Pain Management Post-Surgery: A personal experience

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"I had been having urinary burning and discomfort off and on for years. Finally, Dr. Karlin diagnosed me with cystitis and I was cured within weeks!! After a long road...I am so thankful!"

- A.B

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